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Happy Mind Happy Body Wellness Center


The Scottsdale Health Fair is focused on bringing the Community as many alternatives and options for their health care needs. Acupuncture with a focus on balancing your entire being could just be the thing for you. 


"At Happy Mind Happy Body Wellness Center we encourage you to approach pain, injuries, Migraines, addiction and more through the proven therapy of Acupuncture.


In your body, everything is connected and everything matters. Acupuncture works by restoring balance and triggering the body's natural response. This in turn causes relief off pain and the healing of your body from the inside out rather than surgery from the outside in.


Let go of what you think healing is and prepare for a fully encompassing alternative that focuses on every aspect of wellbeing, integrating mind, body and spirit into the complete picture of health. Our team of caring doctors, health and wellness advocates, and therapists will take time to listen to your needs and concerns. From there, we will determine the best approach to treatment for you."


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