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Venue 8600

8600 E Anderson Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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Health Fair

Meet the Health Experts

Venue 8600, Scottsdale AZ
8600 E Anderson Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85255
May 13, 2017
10am - 2 pm


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Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the Valley
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Our Vendors

Meet the Health Experts

Health Experts and Health Industry Vendors from all over the Valley of the Sun will converge during this one day Event. 

Health Answers like...

How to Improve Your Hormonal Wellbeing

Increase Your Lifespan

Enhanced Sexual Regeneration

How to Eliminate Pain...Forever

Optimal Fitness

Weight Loss Solutions

Elite Performance


This is your opportunity to Meet the Health Experts and ask them questions!

And when you show up, you are automatically entered to WIN $$ THOUSANDS $$ IN SERVICES!

FULL ITINERARY: Speaking Times & Raffle Prize Giveaways are Listed 

10:00 am


10:10 am

Dr Robinson


10:15 am

Dr Robinson Q&A

Metabolic Rate Test plus a 15 min consult w Dr R or Dr B (200)


10:20 am


Diamond Level Health Benefits Membership from US Health Advisors ($102.95)


10:25 am


Spotless Carpet Care 

4 Room Carpet cleaning (150)


10:30 am

Jesse Holland


10:35 am

Jesse Holland Q&A


60 min Private Training Session (100)


10:40 am

10:45 am

DoTERRA beginner's kit of 3 oils (lavender, lemon and peppermint -$30)


10:50 am

Dr. Ross Dye


10:55 am

Dr Ross Dye Q&A


Free X-rays plus a Chiropractic Assessment (145)


11:00 am

Success Coaching with Diana Owens (150)


11:05 am

EXOS 40 minute 1-on-1 Movement Evaluation by an EXOS Physical Therapist, with custom corrective exercise program at conclusion of session (100)


11:10 am

Dr. Gruber


11:15 am

Dr. Gruber Q&A


Wine basket filled with goodies and a gift card (100)


11:20 am

DoTERRA a tube of "deep blue rub" ($40)


11:25 am

60 minute free in-home massage with ThrivinU wellness provider (150.00)


11:30 am

Dr. Thanki


11:35 am

Dr. Thanki Q&A


Her book (THE AYURVEDIC LENS)--2 of them and a 15 min dosha analysis consult ($120)


11:40 am


11:45 am

11:50 am

Nutrition Concepts Nutritional Consulting. 1 free hour (100)


11:55 am

Success Coaching with Diana Owens (150)


12:00 pm

Second Nature Clinic, Dr Thanki, 5 pack of B12 shots (100)


12:05 pm

Spotless Carpet Care

 4 Room Carpet cleaning (150)


12:10 pm

Dr Robinson & Dr Bosch


12:15 pm

Dr Robinson & Dr Bosch Q&A

Mini Grand Prize: 

Micropen treatment and Eclipse Dermal Rejuvenation System Face kit (300)


12:20 pm

Diamond Level Health Benefits Membership from US Health Advisors ($102.95)


12:25 pm

Success Coaching with Diana Owens (150)


12:30 pm

Jesse Holland


12:35 pm

Jesse Holland Q&A

60 min Private Training Session (100)


12:40 pm

12:45 pm


ArcPoint Labs, $50 worth of Free Lab Work


12:50 pm

Diana Owens & Laurie Handlers


12:55 pm

Diana Owens & Laurie Handlers Q&A


Laurie's best selling book, Sex and Happiness, her DVD Bliss, describing her popular course on sexuality, intimacy and emotional wellness. Diana's book, Soulful Sex: Weaving Sex, Love and Spirit into Everyday Life, 2 CD's on Ecstatic Living and Loving, and a CD on Meditations to create a sacred and loving space of  intimacy, and Diana's home study course called Soulful Sex:  A Home Study Course on Sexual Liberation. (175)


1:00 pm

DoTERRA a bottle of "breathe" essential oil ($30)


1:05 pm

EXOS 20 minute Vasper- hormone stimulation training experience (100)


1:10 pm

Dr. Gruber


1:15 pm

Dr. Gruber Q&A


1- 30 min Saturday consultation with Dr. Gruber for Regenerative Medicine in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (50)


1:20 pm

Jesse Holland


1:25 pm

Jesse Holland Q&A

60 min Private Training Session (100)


1:30 pm

Ross Dye


1:35 pm

Ross Dye Q&A

Connected Medical Center: Wellness Health Package - 12 Chiropractic visits (480)


1:40 pm

Dr. Thanki


1:45 pm

Dr. Thanki Q&A

Second Nature Clinic signature royal Ayurvedic time honored treatment-synchronized 2 person oil massage (4 hands), warm herbalized oil. Finish off in our steam tent ($190)


1:50 pm

Dr Robinson CLOSE


1:55 pm

Dr Robinson CLOSE

The Hormone Zone Grand Prize:

Limited 30 min doctor visit

Zinc tally test

Body Composition analysis 

Thyroflex test

Poly MVA Energy Injection

Voucher for $100 for supplements (445)

The Event

May 13, 2017
10 am - 2 pm

Vendors at a Glance

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Scottsdale Health Fair

The Scottsdale Health Fair is the brain child of Longevity and Hormone Expert Dr. John A. Robinson, Chiropractic Physician and Pain Specialist Dr. Ross Dye, and Elite Fitness Instructor, Coach Jesse Holland. The Mission of the Scottsdale Health Fair is to improve community health awareness in Arizona through collaboration with all health related industries. 

Creating Community

Change is Coming